28 Ways Nutella Makes Your Life More Delicious

Puff Pastry Waffles
Puff Pastry Waffles | Photo by foodelicious.

Sure, you could just eat it by the spoonful, but check out what else you can do with chocolate-hazelnut Nutella.

Nutella was born of necessity in post-World War II Italy when a clever pastry maker named Pietro Ferrero combined ground hazelnuts with sugar and a little bit cocoa to create a chocolate confection at a time when chocolate was scarce. And oh, what a snack-worthy star was born.

These days, home cooks (and dorm-room diners) add smooth, rich, chocolatey, nutty Nutella to everything from breakfast to drinks. And why not? Let's take a look at all the ways Allrecipes homecooks use Nutella to make the world a more delicious place.

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Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread No-Bakes

high angle looking at a stack of chocolate hazelnut spread no bake bars

Nutella, peanut butter, and oats get together and leave the oven behind. There's no flour in these treats, either. "Awesome," raves Cheryl Pierce. "My grands love this recipe! I will be making it often! I'm so happy when things turn out great!"

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Nutella®-Stuffed French Toast

Slices of diagonally-cut French toast dusted with powdered sugar, on a plate with banana slices and fresh blackberries
Photo by Kim's Cooking Now!. Kim's Cooking Now!

Dessert for breakfast? No judgement here. "This was easy and delicious," says Debbie. "My daughter definitely will ask for it again. I added crushed walnuts and banana slices in mine, but she preferred hers with just the powdered sugar."

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Easy, No-Bake Nutella® Pie

close up of a slice of no-bake nutella pie

"I made this exactly according to recipe EXCEPT I made a chocolate-cookie crust instead of a graham crust. Holy moley — this is off the charts amazing. So much for dieting." — Sarah Jo

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Nutella® Coffee Shake

Nutella Coffee Shake
Photo by Tammy Lynn.

Can't face the day until you've had your coffee? Wait until you get addicted to this. "Oh my yummy goodness...I could get into trouble with this drink. I wouldn't change anything in this recipe. It was delicious!" — Diana

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Raspberry Pain au Chocolat (Raspberry Chocolate Croissants)

Raspberry Pain au Chocolat (Raspberry Chocolate Croissants)
Photo by LatinaCook.

You're five ingredients and just minutes away from opening your own personal pastry shop. "These were really easy, and very elegant looking at the end. 18 minutes was way too long in my oven, so you might start checking at 13 minutes or so." — Annabelle

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Fudgy Nutella® Mug Cake

close crop on a mug of fudgy nutella cake
House of Aqua

Speedy enough to make before your show comes on. "A quick and easy TV snack! I prefer ooey gooey, so I only microwaved for the minute. Did not have almond flour, so used all all purpose flour. Put a spoonful of cool whip on top after microwaving and let it melt up a bit. Yummy!" — Terri Heimbach

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Strawberry Banana Nutella® Smoothie

close up of a glass of strawberry banana nutella smoothie

You knew this had to be on the list, right? "Since this had no ice in it, I froze the banana and the strawberries which gave it the smoothie texture we like. I used vanilla Greek yogurt because it's what I had on hand, and I will do that in the future." — lutzflcat

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No-Bake Peanut Butter/Chocolate Pie

very close up of a no bake peanut butter/chocolate pie

Pie? Oh my! Christina says, "Simple and delicious! Loved the addition of the Nutella on the bottom. After topping with the whipped cream, I added chopped peanut butter cups and mini chocolate chips...perfect~YUM!"

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Nutella® Cheesecake

looking down at a nutella cheesecake
Mi Amor Ailene

This no-bake cheesecake takes only five ingredients to make, but you can fancy up the presentation (if that's how you roll) by with a ganache glaze and chocolate curls, like in the photo below.

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Puff Pastry Waffles

Puff Pastry Waffles

This recipe is for making waffles out of puff pastry (so easy!), but then you can spread them with Nutella while they're hot from the press. "Two of my favourite things together," says Prisqua. "Why didn't I think of it?! Now my waffle maker is out all the time."

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State Fair Crepes

high angle looking at a plate of state fair crepes

Because state fair food is way over the top. If you've never made crepes before, these easy tips will help you out.

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Nutella® Bread Pudding

close up of nutella bread pudding in a dish

"This recipe had me at Nutella!" says recipe reviewer Bobbie. "I prepped all my ingredients the night before and I had this assembled today by the time my oven preheated. Easy and delicious."

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Chocolate Overload S'mores

looking at a single chocolate overload s'mores on a plate

"S'mores are a way of life for my family. We are always looking for a new way to enjoy them while camping. This variation is one of our favorites," says recipe creator Faith. "If you have a sweet tooth for chocolate and an average s'more just won't cut it, this one definitely will!"

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Nutella® Brioche Star Recipe

high angle looking at a nutella star brioche loaf
Linda Denhoff Favuzza

" This recipe is my all-time favorite," says Carla Maria, the recipe creator. "It is the best Nutella recipe idea! It's a pull-apart treat. And although it might sound hard to make, it's easy once you get the hang of it. Believe me, you'll be making this one over and over again!"

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Nutella®-Coconut Fudge Pops

looking at a single nutella coconut fudge pop

Unsweetened coconut cream and Nutella: "These two simple ingredients make a beautifully rich and decadent treat," says recipe creator CJ. "You can add shaved coconut for added flavor and texture. Enjoy!"

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Homemade Churros with Cardamom and Chocolate

close up of a bunch of churros with cardamom and chocolate on a plate

"My favorite dessert of all time, Mexican churros with cinnamon-cardamom sugar and dark chocolate dip," says nomaste. "Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, all smothered with a sinfully dark chocolate sauce. Cardamom and star anise offer a heady hint of exotic!"

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Sweet Breakfast Sandwich

close up of a sweet breakfast sandwich with a side of sliced bananas

Breakfast sandwiches don't get easier than this! Slices of banana and schmears of Nutella and marshmallow cream are sandwiched between crisp slabs of toasted English muffin. "Super easy and delicious sandwich to make for breakfast or a snack," says alycia.

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Nutella® Brownies

high angle looking at a plate of nutella brownies
christina fightmaster

A touch of hazelnut liqueur (such as Frangelico) gives these brownies a double dose of hazelnut goodness. Want to go for a triple play? Add half a cup of toasted chopped hazelnuts to the recipe. And if you don't have Frangelico on hand, you can follow the lead of several reviewers and use the same amount of coffee, espresso, or Kahlua instead.

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Hazelnut Cups

Hazelnut Cups
Kim's Cooking Now

Who said impressive desserts have to be difficult? It wasn't these simple, yet decadent homemade candies. You can make these up to a day in advance of serving as long as you store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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Nutella® Banana Split Bread

Nutella Banana Split Bread
Kim's Cooking Now

Chocolate chips, Nutella swirls, and caramel swirls give banana bread a decadent upgrade fit for breakfast, dessert, and snack time. This recipe definitely doesn't need altering, but do keep an eye on the bread while its in the oven so make sure it doesn't overcook.

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Hazelnut Gelato

Hazelnut Gelato
Kim's Cooking Now

This ultra-creamy gelato gets a nice mocha flavor from espresso powder and the perfect amount of sweetness from Nutella. For a thicker consistency transfer ice cream to a glass dish, cover, and place in freezer.

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Grilled Marshmallow Nutella®

Grilled Marshmallow Nutella

Give your next dessert a crunchy, buttery twist by adding Nutella and mini marshmallows to your next stovetop sandwich.

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Nutella® Crescent Rolls

Nutella® Crescent Rolls

This one's easy, but it makes a huge difference. Simply pipe the Nutella in a zigzag motion using a plastic bag, and proceed as usual.

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Banana Bread-Nutella® Brownies

Banana Bread-Nutella Brownies
France C

This might just be the best mashup of all time. Banana bread and Nutella make a stellar combination, but presenting it in brownie form takes things a step further. These brownies are super moist and have a thick frosting — if you want the frosting to harden, you can let them sit at room temperature (in an airtight container) overnight.

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Chocolate Swiss Roll

Chocolate Swiss Roll
Deb C.

This easy roll cake is a smaller, simpler version of a yule log. Community member Grace Simpson recommends turning the cake out onto a cloth or towel dusted in powdered sugar to prevent sticking. Rolling the cake while it's still hot will yield a nice, tight roll that's less prone to cracking.

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Microwave Banana Cake in a Bowl

Microwave Banana Cake in a Bowl
Tammy Lynn

You can have a decadent cake in just 12 minutes with some help from your microwave and Nutella. This recipe doesn't require eggs, meaning you don't have to worry about getting sick from the dough or dealing with a rubbery texture. If you prefer less sugar, reduce the amount listed.

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Nutella® Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Nutella Cream Cheese Pound Cake
Buckwheat Queen

This pound cake has a slightly tangy taste thanks to using cream cheese and yogurt instead of butter, but it's just as dense and creamy as the standard loaf. For more moisture, add a bit more dairy.

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