Our Best Easter Ham Recipes

Sweet Slow Cooker Ham
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Your Easter Sunday spread just isn't complete without a succulent ham dish. Whether you're searching for a sweet, bourbon-glazed recipe or prefer a savory casserole, we have the ham for you. Explore top-rated recipes with unique glazes and accompaniments that will give each guest a mouthwatering experience. Check out this collection of ten of our favorite Easter ham recipes.

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Blackberry Jalapeno Glazed Ham

Blackberry Jalapeno Glazed Ham
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Spicy-sweet glaze takes succulent ham to the next level in this recipe. Orange liqueur, garlic, blackberries, and fire-roasted jalapeños give this spiral ham deep, unique flavor that will wow a holiday crowd.

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Cola Easter Ham

Cola Easter Ham
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Classic cola-soaked ham gets top marks from our home cooks. "I made this ham for Easter and used the slow cooker instead of the oven," says Deb. "It's moist with a wonderful flavor."

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Honey Glazed Ham

Baked glazed ham on a white plate

Smother your holiday ham in honey, butter, and dark corn syrup for an unmistakably rich result. Stud the ham with whole cloves for a fragrant and delicious Easter ham.

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Deluxe Ham Casserole

ham casserole
Sonja Gardner

Easter ham gets the casserole treatment in this decadent recipe. Cream of celery, macaroni, minced garlic, and cubed ham create a luscious bake that gets topped with crispy fried onions.

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Sweet Slow Cooker Ham

Sweet Slow Cooker Ham
Allrecipes Magazine

Crushed pineapple and chai latte concentrate make an unlikely but utterly delicious pairing in this slow cooker recipe. Baste ham with juices during the cooking process for evenly spiced meat.

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Instant Pot Honey-Sriracha Glazed Ham

Instant Pot Honey-Sriracha Glazed Ham
Photo by Soup Loving Nicole.

"Switch things up by adding some heat to your honey-glazed ham", says recipe creator Soup Loving Nicole. "Just a few minutes of your time — then you can walk away while your Instant Pot does the rest."

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Country Ham

country ham on plate with salad and tomatoes
Soup Loving Nicole

Prepare for perfectly cooked ham baked with brown sugar, peach preserves, and Dijon mustard. A spicy and slightly fruity way to celebrate on Easter Sunday.

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Sangria Ham

sangria ham in foil baking pan

A wine-based whole ham recipe? We've got it. Sangria joins pineapple juice and cloves to give this main dish multifaceted flavor that will make your Easter spread complete.

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Sweet Bourbon Ham

230256 Sweet Bourbon Ham

"Best ham ever!" says reviewer LA Gringa Gourmet. "I made the recipe exactly as written and served it with some spicy black eyed peas greens and cream corn. My picky husband thought he died and went to heaven."

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Walnut and Roasted Ham Linguine

Walnut and Roasted Ham Linguine
Allrecipes Magazine

A delectable pasta recipe for those who don't want to commit to a whole ham. Tender linguine is tossed with shallots, Parmesan cheese, chopped walnuts, and thinly sliced ham for an elegant Easter main dish.

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