8 Easy Bellini Cocktails to Add Sparkle to Your Party

The Bellini is an elegant, timeless cocktail made with peach puree and Prosecco. It was originally prepared with white peach puree, but you can also use yellow peaches, peach nectar, and/or peach schnapps. We've selected our best Bellini recipes — from a classic Bellini that's perfect for a celebratory brunch to a sophisticated black peppercorn and ginger-peach version that'll add a touch of glamor to any party. They'll have you reaching for your Champagne flute. Cheers!

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Really Simple Bellinis

Really Simple Bellinis with an orange background

If you have a can of sliced peaches lurking in your cupboard, simply blend them to use in this deliciously simple champagne cocktail that you can share with unexpected guests! Add a dash of grenadine for a pink-red hue.

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Classic Bellini Cocktail

Classic Bellini Cocktail

Sparkling wine is poured over peach juice in a champagne flute, then topped with raspberry juice in this classic version of the Italian cocktail. If a non-alcoholic cocktail is desired, use sparkling water in place of the sparkling wine.

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Bellini Slushie

Bellini Slushie

Treat yourself to a cooling summer cocktail with this blended Bellini that features frozen peaches, peach schnapps, and Champagne. Simply delightful served in tall flutes and garnished with chopped mint leaves.

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Peach Bellini

Peach Bellini Poured Champagne

What's not to love? Pureed peaches and bubbly Champagne combine to create a refreshing, fruity cocktail. "This recipe definitely hits the mark!" says recipe reviewer Crystal S. "Perfect for brunch, a summer picnic, or an afternoon on the water!"

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Frozen Mango Bellini

frozen mango bellini in glass with garnish
Cocktail Jim

Mango juice, Prosecco, and orange liqueur are blended with ice for a fabulous, refreshing drink to serve at a celebratory brunch. Garnish with mint leaves or a slice of fresh mango.

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Ginger-Peach Bellini

Ginger-Peach Bellini
Allrecipes Magazine

A homemade black peppercorn and ginger syrup spices things up in this sophisticated cocktail that's a clever twist on the classic. Garnish each Bellini with fresh peach slices for a refreshing summer cocktail.

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Strawberry Bellini

Strawberry Bellini recipe in a champagne flute garnished with a fresh strawberry

Pureed strawberries, chilled sparkling wine, and a splash of brandy are combined to create a pink cocktail that's simply gorgeous to serve on special occasions like Mother's Day or a summer wedding. Garnish each glass with a strawberry for a lovely finish.

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The Beer Budget Bellini

The Beer Budget Bellini
Deb C

By adding a little less peach schnapps and Champagne to each flute, and topping off with a little lemon-lime soda instead, you'll save some money and your friends will never know. In fact, you will be surprised at how great this combo tastes!

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