35 Gifts for a Well-Stocked Home Bar

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A well-stocked home bar is quintessential for people who love to host parties and entertain. That's what makes barware a great gift for Christmas, housewarming parties, weddings, Father's Day, or any other occasion. This list of bar gifts goes beyond the alcohol (though that will need to be well-stocked too!) and provides ideas for glassware, tools, mixers, equipment, and so much more. You could even gift these items alongside your favorite bottle of booze to give your recipient a little nudge to try out their new gift that day.

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Cocktail Syrups

Craft Cocktail Set in a box
w&p Design

Made from a blend of sugar, spices, and fresh citrus, each syrup in this set is ready to make premium cocktails at a moment's notice. Simply pair them with a splash of booze and some still or sparkling water, and you'll have happy hour in no time. This set allows you to make the perfect old-fashioned, Moscow mule, and spicy margarita cocktails or mocktails.

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Wheyward Spirit

wheyward spirit

Keeping a bar stocked with all the different types of alcohol can be difficult, and pretty pricey. But one bottle of Wheyward Spirit can replace any gin, vodka, or rum in a cocktail recipe. The spirit is made from whey, which is a liquid co-product of cheese and other dairy products that is typically discarded after production. This sustainable brand repurposes the whey to make a spirit that can be added to cocktails or sipped on its own, with tasting notes of oak, vanilla cream, and warm spice.

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Bar Tool Set

Mikasa Luxe 6-Piece Bar Tool Set with Stand next to a glass of bourbon

For a dressed-up home bar, you've got to have the right tools on-hand for any cocktail. This bar tool set has a shaker, strainer, tongs, double jigger, stirrer, and bottle opener, all perfectly organized in a matching stainless steel stand.

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Electric Wine Opener

Oster Metallic Black Electric Wine Opener on a white background

Make enjoying your favorite vino a little bit easier with the Oster Electric Wine Opener. This rechargeable tool opens each bottle with just the click of a button and its sleek metallic design makes it display-worthy on any home bar.

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Spiced Apple Cocktail Mix

Woodford Reserve x Williams Sonoma Spiced Apple Cocktail Mix
Williams Sonoma

Woodford Reserve is teaming up with Williams Sonoma for this spiced apple cocktail mix —all they have to do is add bourbon. The cocktail mix has a light, festive apple taste with a winter-spice finish that is reminiscent of Kentucky's apple harvest.

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Vodka Cocktail Kit

Mouth Just Add Vodka Gift Set in a cardboard box

For anyone who has a hard time deciding which drinks to mix, this Just Add Vodka gift set from Mouth gives you plenty of options that all conveniently use the same liquor. Blend up some Moscow mules, cucumber mint cocktails, or Bloody Marys by just adding vodka — seriously it's that easy. You can serve up the drinks in the included unbreakable old-fashioned glasses for an easy nightcap.

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Sphere Ice Tray

Peak Ice Works Sphere Ice Tray
Sur La Table

Lukewarm drinks are a problem of the past thanks to these sphere ice trays. The molds create four large round ice cubes that melt slower than traditional ice and won't water down your drinks. The trays are easy to fill through the hole in the top of the mold and because they lock into place, they won't spill all over your bar when you transport them to the freezer.

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Cocktail Machine

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine on a white background

While most of us can't afford a full-time bartender in our homes, the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine will make you feel like you've got one on staff for a fraction of the price. At the press of a button, you can have an old-fashioned, margarita, gin martini, and more. Simply load up your drink mix and liquor of choice, pick your preferred strength, and let the Bartesian do the rest.

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Insulated Wine Bottle and Wine Tumblers

Winsulator Gift Set

This wine travel set is perfect for those trips to glass-free zones, like the beach, pool, or campsite. The set comes with an insulated Winsulator that can hold an entire bottle of wine — and keep it at the right temperature for over 24 hours — plus two insulated wine tumblers that hold 14 ounces. They're perfect for traveling and the gorgeous blue design makes them even more fun to use.

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Map Glasses

three glasses half filled with liquor
Uncommon Goods

Make the gift more personal with fun glasses like these map glasses from Uncommon Goods. Choose from over 30 cities for an etched glass memento of the recipient's favorite town.

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Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit laid on a white background

If your friend likes to take the party on the road, gift them a cocktail kit that's designed to go. This four-serving old-fashioned cocktail kit has everything they'll need for one nice old-fashioned: bitters, sugar cubes, and a mixing spoon. They'll just need to bring the whiskey with them. Or, if they like mint juleps, martinis, champagne, gin smash, or red hot shooters, there are kits available for those too.

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Galvanized Beverage Tub

Galvanized Beverage Tub with Black Stand
Crate & Barrel

No fridge? No problem. Keep beverages cool in this galvanized beverage tub. The industrial beverage tub can be elevated and placed on the included stand or set on any bar or tabletop — so it's easy to transport and take to your next party.

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Brandy Snifters

Brandy Snifter half full of liquor

If the after-dinner brandy is your pal's favorite time of day, make sure they have the beautiful stemware to make the moment special. These brandy snifters are designed to offer the best olfactory experience: a bowl shape that enhances the liquor's aroma and tapered glass for easier swirling. Plus, they're just plain beautiful sitting in a cabinet or on a cocktail cart.

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Bottle Opener

corkcicle bottle opener

Opening bottles is a breeze with Corkcicle's bottle opener. Simply press down firmly over a glass bottle and the Decapitator will remove the cap with ease. Its sleek design will look great on any bar, and it's small enough to throw in a bag for travel.

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Fever-Tree Tonic Water

Fever-Tree Tonic Water four pack

Fever-Tree makes some high-quality tonics worth checking out if you're putting together a bar gift basket. The brand's basic options, like tonic water, are available in most grocery stores, but it's worth seeking out unique options like this Elderflower Tonic Water.

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Highball Glasses

Hatch Highball Glass filled with a cocktail
Crate & Barrel

This faceted highball glass looks like an heirloom with its classic and iconic style. The diamond cut looks like fine crystal, but these are bargain-priced highball glasses. So for people who prefer an old-fashioned, Pimm's cup, or tiki drinks, highballs are a perfect bar gift.

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Wine Bottle Opener and Preservation System

Coravin Timeless Three SL Wine Bottle Opener and Preservation System

Wine drinkers will love this bottle opener and preservation system. The Coravin opener pierces through the cork and allows you to pour the wine without letting oxygen into the bottle. Now you can pour wine without even opening the bottle and continue to drink it for up to two years. Say goodbye to the days of tossing out old wine because this system will keep all still wines fresh.

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Cocktail Picks

Cocktail Picks on a white background
Sur la Table

Don't forget to garnish your cocktail! If you want to add a little personality to the glass, you can do it with fun cocktail picks. They're also perfect for holding cherries or olives and stirring your drink.

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metal muddler on a wooden background
Crate & Barrel

For drinks like mojitos where you want to add fresh herbs, a muddler is a must. You can use this double-sided muddler to release the flavors of herbs, fruits, and spices in a cocktail.

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Freezable Beer Glasses

Rabbit Freezable Beer Glasses
Williams Sonoma

Swap out the red plastic cups for these glass beer mugs — it will make you feel like a seasoned beer drinker. These beer mugs are stylish and freezer-safe because everyone knows beer tastes better out of a frosty glass. The double-walled glasses keep beer cold for up to two hours, and the navy base has a built-in silicone pad that acts as a coaster — so no more party fouls.

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Wine Decanter

Wine Decanter with a wine glass and corkscrew
Williams Sonoma

For wine, a decanter serves as both a way to let the drink breathe and a stunning artistic statement like this one. This decanter has a strainer, which removes any impurities in your wine and creates an even more full-bodied flavor.

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Bourbon Bitters Bundle

four bottles of bitters

The name alone draws a great deal of respect from bourbon fans — Woodford Reserve. This bitters bundle include four flavors: aromatic, spiced cherry, orange, and chocolate. This is a great building block for some of the best bourbon or whiskey cocktails.

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Margarita Machine

Margaritaville margarita machine

Your friends and family will certainly be wasting away again in Margaritaville with the help of this frozen drink maker. The extra-large ice reservoir allows you to make two and a half pitchers of frozen concoctions with the simple press of a button. It has four pre-programmed drink settings, so you can make more than margaritas, plus an automatic shave and blend cycle and a manual blend only cycle.

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Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses with red and white wine

Stemless wine glasses maintain beautiful sophistication while being a bit easier to hold in casual settings, like picnics and Tuesday nights. While they're designed for red or white wine, they'd be great for a little frosé or even a piña colada. The rounded glasses hold 15 ounces and are made of shatter-resistant glass so they're less likely to break if you drop one.

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Citrus Press

Citrus Press next to oranges
Williams Sonoma

Fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice is often necessary for a cocktail, and a citrus press will make life a lot easier. This one gets high marks from users because it's made with materials that will last: stainless steel and durable silicone.

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Copper Mule Mugs

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs
Williams Sonoma

Copper mugs are the perfect way to serve Moscow mules or other chilled cocktails because they keep the drink cold for longer. These copper mugs are handcrafted in Turkey and will make a great personalized gift because you can choose to add a monogram to each mug.

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Cocktail Syrup

Bottle of cocktail syrup

Not every drinking occasion calls for fancy cocktails with more than 10 ingredients. In fact, a beautifully made cocktail syrup and a fine liquor are often all you need for a highly impressive sipper. This Strongwater Old-Fashioned Cocktail Syrup is proof of that. It has everything you need for a fast and flavorful old-fashioned. All they need to do is add the whiskey, bourbon, or rye — which you could also gift.

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Personalized Coasters

Personalized Limestone Coasters by Left Coast Original

Keep the bar clean and protected with these limestone coasters. They are handcrafted out of limestone and sealed with a stone sealant to be long-lasting. The coasters come in a set of two or four, and you can choose from four different colors. Plus, they can be personalized with 10 different designs so you can add your friends' names, a date, a quote, or anything else you want.

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Whiskey Decanter

Decanter filled with whiskey
Crate & Barrel

Whiskey also loves a good decant, and we adore this classy option. The textured square decanter will look great holding whiskey, bourbon, or scotch on any bar or bar cart.

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Rapid Beverage Chiller

Rapid Beverage Chiller
Crate & Barrel

If your friend likes their drinks cold instantly, they need this rapid beverage chiller. The machine fits cans, bottles, and wine bottles — and it's safe for carbonated beverages, like Champagne, thanks to the no-spin setting. It can chill drinks from room temperature to refrigerator cold (43° Fahrenheit) to ice cold (34° Fahrenheit) faster than any other machine — including the refrigerator.

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Holiday Cocktail Kit

Holiday Cocktail Kit

For the friend who's ready to crack open their gift the second they open it, this Holiday Cocktail Kit has everything they need to make festive drinks. The kit includes Alpine Tonic, Cranberry 5 Spice cocktail mixer, Smoky Whiskey Sour cocktail syrup, and Maple Old-Fashioned cocktail syrup so all they'll need to do is add their favorite liquor for delicious holiday drinks.

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Rabbit 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit

Rabbit Professional 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit
Sur la Table

Opening wine bottles just got so much easier with this six-piece toolset. The Rabbit corkscrew removes corks from any bottle of wine quickly and easily. And the set also comes with more wine tools including two wine pourers/stoppers, a Champagne and wine sealer, a foil cutter, and an extra worm for the corkscrew.

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Bar Mat

bar mat
Sur la table

This non-slip rubber mat is essential for any bar top for preventing broken glasses, catching spills, and making cleanup easy. The mat is 17 ½ inches long to cover most of the bar area, and it is durable and built to last on your friend's bar.

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Infuser filled with fruit

If you really want to take things to the next level with your gift, this infuser is a work of art and can create interesting cocktails with herbs, fruits, and even flowers. Gift it filled using a recipe from the included book so your friend can enjoy the gift right away before they make their own concoction.

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Cocktail Glitter

Thoughtfully Gifts Champagne Shimmer Set next to two glasses

Add a little something special to your next cocktail party with this Champagne shimmer set from Thoughtfully. Each color — green, purple, blue, and rose — features edible glitter to add a distinct iridescence to whatever drinks they're mixed into. And since they're alcohol-free, they're also a great choice for upscale mocktails.

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