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A tray of baklava with crispy layers of phyllo
Chef John's Baklava. Photo: Brian DeJong

Nutty, syrupy, crispy... what's not to love about baklava? While those golden diamond-shaped slices of baklava may look intimidating, it's actually a simple dessert with just a few easy-to-find ingredients that is possible to make even for the novice bakers among us. Here we've rounded up all of our top-rated baklava recipes, including everything from traditional Greek Baklava with walnuts to Chocolate Baklava for a modern and indulgent twist.

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Greek Baklava

Two slices of baklava on a blue and white plate
Greek Baklava. Betty Dickson

If you've never made baklava before, start with this authentic and top-rated recipe -- it has more than 1,700 reviews and a solid five-star rating, giving you that boost of confidence knowing that it's bound to succeed!

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Easy Baklava

A baking dish of baklava cut into diamonds
Easy Baklava. Alex Rands

A no-fuss baklava recipe that's true to its roots -- a simple mixture of nuts and spices, layers of phyllo, and lots of syrup. You can't go wrong here!

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Chef John's Baklava

Chef John's Baklava
Chef John's Baklava. Chef John

Try Chef John's delectable version of baklava, covered in a honey-laced syrup scented with vanilla and cloves. The other great thing about this recipe is that it makes a manageable 9-inch round pan of baklava, versus many baklava recipes that could easily feed an army.

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Baklava II

One of the earliest baklava recipes published on Allrecipes, this Turkish version features almonds for the nut filling. This is the real deal, as reviewer Countrycook explains, "This comes so close to what we had in Turkey! So tasty and syrupy!"

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Chocolate Baklava

Chocolate Baklava.

A must for chocoholics who happen to be baklava lovers, too! This decadent twist on the original includes bits of dark chocolate mixed in with the nuts between layers of crunchy phyllo. Almost any nut works well here, so feel free to use walnuts, almonds, pistachios or a mixture in place of the non-traditional pecans.

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Yia Yia's Baklava

Like a sweet, comforting hug from Yiayia, this Greek baklava is as good as it gets. The most common nuts found in Greek baklava are walnuts, as called for in this top-rated recipe.

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Pistachio-Walnut Baklava

Close up of Pistachio-Walnut Baklava
Smart Cookie

Recipe creator Smart Cookie's take on baklava uses both pistachios and walnuts, and the syrup is flavored with a floral hint of orange blossom water. If you can't find orange blossom water, use a few strips of orange peel and add to the syrup mixture while cooking.

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Pistachio-Hazelnut Baklava

Pistachio Hazelnut Baklava.

Another baklava recipe featuring a mix of nuts, this time with hazelnuts added to the mix. This recipe makes a whopping 60 servings, with the baklava cut into small pieces, but feel free to halve the quantities and bake in a 9x13 inch baking dish for a slightly smaller version.

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