15 Luscious Avocado Desserts That'll Make You Love Avocados Even More

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As the author of the "Basic Bitchen" cookbook, I've become a bit of an authority figure when it comes to the mighty avocado. But the beloved fruit (yes, fruit!) has become so much more than a trendy ingredient — it's now a lifestyle. Home cooks have found ways to sneak the silky green flesh into practically every meal, from omelets and guacamole to tacos and hamburgers. And that includes…drumroll, please…dessert! Check out 15 of our favorite avocado recipes that cleverly take advantage of avocado's high fat content to create decadent sweets that you'll be adding to your repertoire. Scroll through to find luscious avocado desserts like creamy avocado pudding, rich avocado cheesecake, and tangy no-bake avocado pie.

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Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Bowl of homemade Chocolate Avocado Pudding garnished with a mint leaf

Perhaps the most popular (and easiest!) avocado dessert preparation is to process it into a velvety rich pudding. Cocoa powder and cinnamon mask any subtle avocado flavor. Try swapping the brown sugar for maple syrup to add even more depth of flavor. Reviwer Sandy M says, "I don't like avocados, alone, but you can't tell they're in this pudding. I didn't have brown sugar. I used dark brown, and I used almond milk. Best pudding ever."

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Keto Matcha Mint Bars

Keto Matcha Mint Bars
Angela Sackett Superhotmama

Thanks to avocado's high fat content, it makes a wonderful base to any keto-friendly dessert. And these Keto Matcha Mint Bars are no exception. They're as delicious as they are refreshing with a zing of caffeine from the green Japanese tea. Recipe creator Angela Sacket Superhotmama says, "Store in refrigerator; these will soften/melt at room temperature. Consume or freeze within 24 hours to avoid losing the bright green color."

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Avocado Lime Cheesecake

We never met a cheesecake we didn't like and this avocado lime iteration more than delivers with a classic graham cracker crust and key lime pie-levels of tart citrus. You can even candy your own lime peels as a garnish that's worthy of all the compliments from your lucky guests. Recipe creator Todd says, "My friends make me make it constantly. It is unique, easy, and fabulous."

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Black Bean and Avocado Brownies

High-protein black beans make this practically a health food, right? Right. They also bring in fiber and minerals like copper, magnesium, and zinc to complement avocado's potassium and iron content. But where both ingredients really shine is in their ability to replace butters or oils and, in this case, flour while still providing a brownie's signature chewiness that we so often crave. Reviewer geomom raves, "Sceptic turned believer! These are amazing. I used an 8" square pan and thought it worked great at 25 minutes. I do like my brownies a touch fudgy. You cannot taste avocado nor beans! I'll definitely make again!"

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Coconut-Avocado Ice Cream

We all scream for this coconut avocado ice cream. And you don't even need an ice cream maker to enjoy it! Consider topping a scoop with fresh fruit slices to bring in another level of sweetness — it's somewhat one-noted without it. "I love this. The avocado gives the ice cream a gorgeous pale green color and almost a 'green' flavor as well — it tastes really fresh, not overpowering & vegetal. We used sweet coconut cream, like you'd use for mixed drinks," says Doughgirl8.

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Chocolate Pudding Popsicles

Did you know that the aforementioned chocolate avocado pudding can be put into popsicle molds and frozen to become your new favorite summertime treat? Line the insides with a thin layer of simple syrup or honey and add a dusting of coconut flakes, crushed almonds, or cacao nibs for a wonderful texture play that'll give the ice cream man a run for his money.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies with Avocado

It's hard to mess up a chocolate chip cookie, even if you're substituting some of its butter with avocado. We do recommend using a semi-sweet or dark chocolate chip to make them less heavy, but no matter which you choose, they're bound to make Kermit the Frog, the Grinch, Oscar the Grouch, and every beloved green-hued creature green with envy.

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Rich and Gooey Avocado Brownies

They may not boast the black beans from the earlier recipe, but these drool-worthy brownies are even richer and gooier than you ever thought possible. This is all thanks to the — you guessed it — multifaceted avocado which is the recipe's only source of fat (other than the egg yolks).

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Avocado Milkshake

If you have a few spare avocados, but are in dire need of a trip to the grocery store, this three-ingredient recipe is perfect for you. Swap out regular milk for a nut or coconut variety for a dairy-free take on an American diner staple.

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Avocado Rosemary Lime Bars

squares of Avocado Rosemary Lime Bars
Linda T

We love the introduction of another savory ingredient in dessert, especially an herbaceous one like rosemary that brings notes of pine and mint to each bite. But the real standout with these bars is its soft streusel top that hits the roof of your mouth like a pillow (except one that you can devour in mere minutes and not sleep on). Allrecipes home cook Molly says, "I made it today for Girl's Night Out. I just told the girls it was a lime bar — they know me better than that, and knew there was a 'secret' ingredient I wasn't telling them about. I wanted to wait until everyone tried them to hear their reaction about the bars. Everyone LOVED the bars and then continued to guess for about 10 minutes trying to guess the avocado."

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Avocado Irish Cream Fudge

It doesn't have to be St. Patrick's Day to throw a little Irish green into your dessert line-up, but you'll certainly feel lucky. These booze-forward concoctions capitalize on avocado's creaminess by adding one of the most famous creams of all time: Irish Cream. They're rounded out by chocolate, both white and semisweet, to make them well-balanced and magically delicious.

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Avocado Lime Popsicles

Here is a much lighter take on avocados that will remind you of your favorite margarita. Just be sure to consume these within a few days as the texture of frozen avocado, even when puréed, can become stringy. We also recommend grinding these up into a granita and serving it as a palate cleanser between courses at a fancy dinner party.

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Avocado Cookies

It may not be Christmastime, but these playfully green delights would undoubtedly be Santa-approved. All that's missing is a beet smoothie and you've got yourself a festive duo to ring in the holidays any time of the year. "What a surprise find," says home cook Molly. "I was looking for a different cookie and ran across this unique ingredient cookie. I happened to have one avocado that I needed to use it or lose it. I made it as written, but did dip the tops in turbinado sugar before baking. The flavor is very gentle with this cookie, kind of reminds me of a sugar cookie. Definitely not an avocado, but kind of like a creamy texture of an avocado. I know that sounds really weird, but they are very good and you should try them for yourself to really understand what I'm trying to explain."

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Spicy Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Sugar, spice, and everything nice, a pinch (or teaspoon, depending on your heat tolerance) of cayenne takes this standard avocado chocolate pudding and kicks it up a notch, resembling flavors of Mexican Hot Chocolate, which frankly, is the superior hot chocolate. "My husband and I loved this dessert. I tried several 'avocado chocolate pudding' recipes from Allrecipes.com and so far this is our absolute favorite," says Hildamae.

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The Best Lemon Lime Avocado Pie

"Don't tell anyone and they won't know it's avocado," says recipe creator MommyKirsten. "This amazingly easy, super-refreshing pie is a hit every time! No baking; mix the filling in a blender for super-speedy results! For picnics or potlucks, this recipe works well in mini pie crusts too. Just make sure that the pie crusts are baked and cooled before pouring in the filling."

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