Our 5 Best Avgolemono Soup Recipes

two bowls of avgolemono soup with a lemon and spoon on the side
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Avgolemono soup, called avgolemono soupa in Greek, is traditionally a rice and chicken broth-based soup that is thickened with a combination of beaten eggs and lemon juice. It's actually shockingly simple to make and we've rounded up our top-rated avgolemono recipes to take the guesswork out of making this soup at home. Here you'll find recipes for the classic Greek egg-lemon soup, avgolemono with orzo, vegetarian avgolemono and more.

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Greek Lemon and Chicken Soup (Avgolemono)

a vintage bowl of Greek egg-lemon soup, aka avgolemono

This version of avgolemono uses orzo pasta instead of the more-common rice. The result is a deliciously thick and creamy soup, which is made easy thanks to store-bought broth and shredded chicken. You can easily omit the shredded chicken and use vegetable broth instead for a vegetarian avgolemono soup.

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Yiayia's Avgolemono

This avgolemono straight from Yiayia's kitchen starts out with homemade chicken broth made from a whole chicken. It's an extra step that you'll find is worth the effort once you try this nourishing from-scratch soup!

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Greek Avgolemono Chicken Soup

Greek Avgolemono Chicken Soup with lemons
Liz Dalton

Recipe creator Dimitra shared her ultra-traditional rendition of Greek egg-lemon soup and it has been getting rave reviews ever since. Just four main ingredients are needed to make this basic avgolemono: chicken, eggs, lemon juice, and rice.

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Vegetarian Avgolemono

a bowl of vegetarian avgolemono with a blue and white checkered tablecloth
Soup Loving Nicole

Avgolemono might be traditionally made with chicken broth, but it's easy to make a vegetarian version with vegetable broth. This recipe calls for making a homemade vegetable broth, but you can easily use your favorite good-quality store-bought broth for a delicious meal made in under 30 minutes.

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Avgolemono Soup

Avgolemono Soup
Avgolemono Soup. Allrecipes Magazine

If you're wondering how to temper the egg-lemon mixture to avoid curdling and splitting, Chef John's avgolemono how-to video is a must-watch. Allrecipes Allstar Tracey joined the chorus to sing this soup's praises: "Made EXACTLY as written and it was EPIC!"

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More Inspiration

Greek-Style Lemon Roasted Potatoes in a yellow dish

Check out our entire collection of Greek recipes for more ideas, including these Greek-style lemon roast potatoes. Learn more about avgolemono and how to make it in our What Is Avgolemono? article.

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