9x13 Casserole Recipes for the Summer Potluck of Your Dreams

portrait shot zucchini and cheese topped penne casserole
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These bold, crowd-friendly bakes will give you a reason to keep your 9x13 within reach all summer. Whether you're craving a creamy vegetable lasagna, or prefer to wow guests with a curry-laced gratin, simple and fresh flavor is just a casserole away. Try one of our favorite summer casseroles that you can bake to perfection in a 9x13 pan.

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Chicken Artichoke Casserole

overhead shot chicken artichoke casserole in cream dish

Skillet-toasted bread cubes top this scrumptious casserole made from chicken breast, Cheddar cheese, and marinated artichoke hearts. Fall in love one super savory bite at a time.

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Roasted Zucchini Casserole

portrait shot zucchini and cheese topped penne casserole

Use up excess zucchini with this simple and hearty recipe. Cheesy, roasted vegetables are layered atop penne pasta and marinara sauce for a filling finish.

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Quick and Easy Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Casserole

a serving of a tortilla casserole topped with cheese and sliced black olives

Just six ingredients gets you this wonderfully creamy, chile-spiked casserole. Monterey Jack cheese creates a crisp, chewy topping.

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Potato Casserole

overhead shot potato casserole

Frozen hash brown potatoes, sour cream, and shredded cheese make magic in this breakfast-for-dinner casserole. Buttery crushed cereal tops it all off with a solid crunch.

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Veggie Lasagna

overhead shot of cut slices vegetable lasagna
Nicole Blalock

"This is an awesome, high-protein veggie meal, " says home cook Lisa. "I made it for dinner guests and they loved it, and my husband ate almost half of it in one sitting."

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Red Curry Ham Gratin

266235 Red Curry Ham Gratin

This Indian-inspired ham and potato bake was created by a team of Allrecipes Allstars and showcases the deliciously unique talents of our community.

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Hot Chicken Salad Casserole

hot chicken salad casserole

A chilled summertime favorite gets the casserole treatment. Whip up this tangy crowd-pleaser in just 45 minutes.

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Buttermilk Chicken and Corn Flake Baked Casserole

chicken and cornflake casserole

The chicken pot pie and buttermilk-fried chicken mashup you've been waiting for. Every bite is full of tender meat and Cajun-style vegetables.

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Sandy's Primavera Casserole

primavera pasta casserole in a white dish topped with basil and tomatoes

Bursting with garden-fresh flavors and ready in under an hour, this baked pasta is a great way to transform aging produce into a mouthwatering weeknight offering.

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Simple Cauliflower Keto Casserole

cheesy cauliflower casserole
Mackenzie Schieck

"Delicious and definitely a keeper," says reviewer Chef Boy R Drew. "I added some dehydrated onion flakes, Cajun seasoning, and garlic powder to flavor it up a notch."

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Asiago Cremini Pasta Bake With Radicchio

portrait shot creamy mushroom and radicchio bake
Buckwheat Queen

Take your mac 'n' cheese to new heights with this elegant pasta bake. Sliced mushrooms join radicchio and fresh sage in giving this dish deeply satisfying flavor.

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Crab Brunch Casserole

Crab Brunch Casserole in a with 9x13 baking dish with a serving out
Meredith Food Studios

Fresh crabmeat combined with croutons, grated Parmesan, and parsley creates a mind-blowing flavor that you'll revisit over and over again this summer.

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Spinach Enchiladas

Spinach Enchiladas
Melissa Goff

"I used this recipe (plus the Red Enchilada Sauce recipe from this site instead of canned sauce) for a dinner party and received rave reviews," says NYMPH74.

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