Our 2020 Hotlist: Cooking Tips, Trends, and New Traditions

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Describing 2020 as unprecedented seems, well, a little overdone at this point. And yet, this word that sums up many of the year's events describes how 2020 has unfolded for Allrecipes, too. We've maintained our place as the largest digital food media brand in the U.S. with 2020 welcoming our biggest digital and print audiences ever. And as Americans began cooking more during the COVID-19 pandemic, our site has continued to hit all-time highs serving up reliable recipes, doling out how-to info to improve cooks' kitchen skills and some inspiration and entertainment to brighten everyone's days. Record-breaking numbers, however, aren't all we're proud of. Here's a taste of our top stories and what Allrecipes did best in 2020.

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A Deep Dive Into Home Cooking

State of Home Cooking orange

We kicked off the decade with a report on how our community cooks — and aspires to cook — based on findings from our 1.2 billion annual Allrecipes.com visits, 2.5 billion annual page views, and user surveys. Our data-driven "State of Home Cooking" report forecasts increased interest in Peruvian chicken and tamarind as well as trends from experiential eating to compostable packaging.

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Looking Inside Quarantine Pantries

Kitchen pantry shelves filled with groceries
NoDerog/Getty Images

When the novel coronavirus outbreak burgeoned into a pandemic, we wanted to ease our community's concerns about stay-at-home orders and food shortages. With this thorough list of food staples to stockpile comes practical meal ideas to make the most of what cooks have at home (heavy on suggestions for substitutions) and reduce the need for extra trips to the store.

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Saving Sanity By Taking Shortcuts

Cheddar Mushroom Pork Steaks

We believe in the power of pantry staples to save money, sanity, and many a weeknight dinner. In addition to "20 Recipes That Start With Cream of Mushroom Soup," we've curated handy collections of recipes using ingredients like taco seasoning, French onion soup mix, instant rice, canned tomatoes, and more.

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Bringing Food to Someone in Quarantine? Read This First

cheesy casserole in a blue towel
iStock / Getty Images Plus

This service-minded guide covers how to safely cook and transport food to someone in quarantine. It also includes ideas for meals and groceries, plus a list of foods that spoil too fast or don't freeze well.

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Send Someone A Sweet Laugh

two chocolate toilet paper rolls
ChoconChoc / Etsy

When toilet paper became a luxury, we decided to, ahem, roll with it, publishing a well-received feature on chocolate toilet paper from Etsy. Even amid a global pandemic, we never lost our sense of humor. And neither did our community.

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Try The Latest Food Trends At Home

whipped coffee in a tall glass
Carol Miller

When Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee) reached Tik-Tok fame in the spring, we responded by publishing a version of the recipe from the Allrecipes community. Its reviews attest that home cooks were quick to try this trend.

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Hear Cooks' Favorite Food Stories

Patti LaBelle in the kitchen

The release of Homemade, the Allrecipes podcast, marks our latest expansion into audio. On the weekly show, host Martie Duncan (author, home cook, and "Next Food Network Star" finalist), gets to the heart of what cooking means to her guests through nostalgia, banter, and stirring questions. Our guests range from the Godmother of Soul, Patti LaBelle, to beloved baker Dorie Greenspan.

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Stretching the Sourdough Trend

sourdough cookies
Artangle Dyah

Sourdough bread had a major moment in the spring as Americans sheltered in place, spiraled into "Tiger King" binges, and spent perhaps more time than ever in the kitchen. Our basic sourdough how-to helped home cooks get started. But we also anticipated the dilemma of ending up with too much sourdough starter, providing 10 delicious solutions in this article.

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Tips to Make Bread Last

Yamazaki Simple Steel Bread Box in white and black
Rocky Luten/Food52

With the sourdough craze in mind, we also rose to the occasion to provide dough-saving tips. Here, we share how to best store bread on the counter and in the freezer, plus ideas for using for leftover bread.

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Budget-Friendly Meals

Easy Skillet Chicken Primavera
Easy Skillet Chicken Primavera. fabeverydayblog

Many home cooks are trying to stretch their dollars. We help with budget-friendly recipes that boast big flavor. Our community counts on us for inexpensive recipes for chicken, end-of-the-month pasta, the slow cooker, and more.

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Home Cooks Share Money-Saving Tips

headshot of Judy Cru

As part of our Budget Crunch program, we publish profiles on Allrecipes home cooks, such as Delaware retiree Judy Cru, who tell us their tried-and-tested tips for keeping their food budgets low.

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Real-World Inspiration: From Basketball to Running a Food-Growing Nonprofit

Bridget Pettis holds bags of produce
Courtesy of Project Roots AZ

We're featuring more stories of our community members and others who are making a difference through food, like Bridget Pettis. This article tells of the WNBA coach's pivot from basketball to running the food-growing nonprofit she founded in 2019.

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Sharing Recipes for Nowruz, the Persian New Year

Kookoo Sabzi (Fresh Herb Frittata)
Naz Deravian

As our audience continues to explore global cuisine, we feature more writers and Allrecipes community members who can speak to their food traditions with authenticity. Here, Tehran-born cookbook author and food blogger Naz Deravian shares recipes for Nowruz, also known as Iranian or Persian New Year, as well as what the holiday means to Iranians.

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Diving into Greek Cuisine with Diana Moutsopoulos

Diana Moutsopoulos in Naxos, Greece
Diana Moutsopoulos

Our in-house source on Greek cooking, Allrecipes senior SEO editor Diana Moutsopoulos, tells us what she loves about the cuisine of her heritage. She includes links to her favorite recipes, like fasolakia (green beans stewed in tomato and olive oil), which she learned to cook at her aunt's house in Athens.

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Expanding Our Horizons

A glamping tent at Seneca Lake Brewing Co. _credit Seneca Lake Brewing Co.
Courtesy of Seneca Lake Brewing Co.

As we develop more lifestyle and travel content, we're introducing our community of cooks to destinations where food (or drink) comes first.

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Meet the Allrecipets From Allrecipes

Gigi the Saint Bernard dog
Kerri Foulks

Allrecipes wouldn't be a family without pets, nor would our recipe collection be complete without homemade pet food and treats. Here, 30 proud pet parents from the Allrecipes community share photos of their fur babies.

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The 10 Best Blenders for Every Home Cook, Tested by Allrecipes

Vitamix blender with green smoothie inside pitcher, plus two cups of green smoothie, banana, kale, and pineapple
Rachel Johnson

Home cooks can count on Allrecipes to narrow their search for the most reliable kitchen appliances on the market. Our veteran product testers evaluate top-rated products through a series of hands-on tests and meticulous attention to criteria like overall feel, cleanup, and storage.

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I Tried Made In's Top-Rated Sheet Pans, and I'm Never Going Back To My Old Pans

Two Made In sheet pans
Made In

In regular product reviews, like this take on Made In's sheet pans, our editors and community members praise their favorite equipment.

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How to Clean Your Range Hood

white kitchen with an oven hood
bloodstone / Getty Images

As the home cook's ultimate resource, Allrecipes aims to cover not just cooking but cleaning the kitchen, as well. Our cleaning how-tos offer guidance on tackling overlooked appliances like the range hood to turning dryer sheets into a tidying-up multitasker.

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Fact Check: Is There a Shortage of Canned Pumpkin This Year?

pumpkin cans in a factory
Getty Images

We pride ourselves on being a trusted, up-to-the-minute voice in food news. We published this fact-finding piece on a canned pumpkin recall weeks before other brands addressed it.

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10 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Heart Health

butternut squash sliced and cubed
nadiasphoto / Getty Images

Our approach to health content prioritizes accurate information and simple, sustainable strategies over quick-fix diets. Here, Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD, writes about anti-inflammatory foods that work to ward off heart disease.

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Spicy Chicken Nuggets

spicy chicken nuggets on a white plate with dipping sauce
Soup Loving Nicole

As the September release of McDonald's new Spicy Chicken McNuggets reignited the Internet's interest in fiery chicken, one of our community members was ready with a recipe on par with the fast-food chain's.

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How to Make Mac and Cheese

On Instagram, Elizabeth Moseley of Allrecipes caters to beginner cooks, featuring unfussy dishes fit for entertaining and dinner for one alike. Approachable recipes meet an approachable host.

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How to Cook Brussels Sprouts

One of the faces of our community of home cooks, Lauren Magenta, balances the confidence of a seasoned cook with a can-do willingness to learn more. She shows viewers that they can, too, cook that, whether that's crispy Brussels sprouts or French onion soup.

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6 Steps to Your Perfect Halloween Charcuterie Board

halloween charcuterie board complete
Jessica Furniss

Hunkering down at home for the holidays shouldn't seem like a second choice to potlucks and parties or galavanting around the neighborhood with the kids come Halloween. We show home cooks how to elevate their holidays with doable ideas for festive food, like this Halloween charcuterie board.

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50 Food Gifts from 50 States

box of citrus
Poinsettia Groves

In the spirit of supporting local businesses, this gift guide showcases a quintessential product from each state. We called on our brand ambassadors, the Allrecipes Allstars, to contribute favorites from their respective states.

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