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Get to know some of the Allrecipes home cooks who share their recipes, photos, cooking tips, and stories every day.

Editors' Picks

Allrecipes Cook to Follow: Reed

Meet Reed, a young cook and St. Jude patient who likes baking gingerbread cookies and dog treats, decorating the Christmas tree, and shopping for his siblings’ gifts.

Allrecipes Cook to Follow: Smyrna

“Be a pineapple," says Smyrna. "Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.” Learn more about this young cook and St. Jude patient who loves making crafts and baking for the holidays.

Allrecipes Cook to Follow: Shaurya

Shaurya, a St. Jude patient, enjoys writing short stories, reading, and building things with Legos. Learn more about Shaurya and his favorite Indian recipes.

Allrecipes Cook to Follow: Julia Levy

Learn more about video star Julia Levy, her new how-to-cook video series, her love of leftovers (and Elmer Fudd), and get her recipe for Korean fried chicken.

Allrecipes Cook to Follow: Lisa Altmiller

Meet Allrecipes Allstar Lisa Altmiller and find out about her prodigious pop-culture knowledge, her love for crème brûlée, and her top recipes.

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Cook to Follow: FoodieRoz

Meet FoodieRoz, a fascinating home cook, and discover her can't miss recipes, including enchiladas and her famous baked beans.

Get to Know Allrecipes' Own Chef John

Meet the man behind the camera, Chef John, who has created more than 1,500 cooking videos for Allrecipes.