This Is Not a Drill: Dairy Queen Has a Brand New Dipped Cone Flavor

The quiet rollout caught us by (pleasant) surprise!

Dairy Queen storefront

Dairy Queen has quietly rolled out a brand new dipped cone flavor at locations nationwide. Recently, customers may have noticed a new Churro Dipped ice cream cone option has joined the menu alongside the iconic Chocolate and Cherry Dipped Cones. 

The Churro Dipped Cone is a sweet take on the fried cinnamon sugar dessert. DQ’s new flavor starts with soft-serve ice cream dipped in a churro-flavored coating and topped with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar. The ice cream even has the signature churro bite because the churro-flavored shell hardens into a delicious, crunchy treat.

Dairy Queen Churro Dipped Cone

Dairy Queen

A few years back, Dairy Queen tested its Churro Dipped Cone at select locations and they were a huge hit. However, once they disappeared from the test menu, no one knew if DQ would bring them to restaurants nationwide. Well, we’ve got our answer now. 

Dairy Queen’s Churro Dipped Cones are available for a limited time at participating locations across the country. It has not been confirmed how long the cones will be on the menu, but the item’s information page on DQ’s site reads, “Before you know it, stopping at your favorite DQ for a Churro Dipped Cone will become a permanent item on this summer's adventure agenda.” So, we can deduce it will likely stick around for a few months. 

And, this flavor isn’t the only Dairy Queen news to get excited about. The ice cream chain announced it will be giving away free small cones and cups for the first day of spring. Unfortunately, you’re not able to try the new Churro Dipped Cone for free, but you can receive a free vanilla soft serve cone or cup on March 20. It seems a few Dairy Queen visits are in our future.

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