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Eggless Banana Bread

Eggless Banana bread is very simple recipe with minimal ingredients and can be served with coffee or tea.

Turkish Pogaca

The savory Turkish snack made up with parsley and feta cheese is perfect for morning breakfast or mid-day snacks. You can prepare Pogacas on weekend and have it all week. They can stay upto one week without refrigerated.


The most popular Mediterranean dish - Falafel is made up of chickpea, some fresh herbs and spices. You can eat along with Pita bread or hummus. Today I will show you three different ways of making falafel - fried, pan fried and baked and how each of them taste.

Tahini Sauce

Tahini sauce is made up with Sesame seeds and olive oil with hint of other spices. Add this sauce to make your Mediterranean dishes.

Plain and Red Pepper Hummus

Hummus is a healthy vegan dip/spread famous in Middle-east. You can have hummus with pita bread, falafel, and other Mediterranean dishes. You can also have it with blue-corn chips as your Mid-day snack. I tried two types of hummus - plain and red pepper. You can make any of them or both as base recipe is same for both if them.

Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush is easten Mediterranean spread/dip mainly served with pita bread or roasted veggies.

Hash Browns with exotic Veggies

Hash browns is delicious American breakfast dish made up with potatoes. It is very easy to make and can have with exotic veggies. I am going to share the recipe of Hash-browns along with roasted exotic veggies.

Bombay-Style Toast Sandwich

Toast Sandwich is very famous street food in my hometown Mumbai and in India of course. You can eat as your mid-day snack or for dinner. The Toast sandwich is made up of boiled potatoes, green peas and some other herbs and spices. I am sharing you basic simple recipe to start with, but you can try several other variations to that

Creamy Garlic Penne Pasta

I just love the Italian cuisine. The White Pasta is very creamy and garlic adds extra flavor to it which make Pasta perfect for dinner!!! I usually add bell peppers, onion and broccoli in my pasta, but you can add other veggies like baby corn, sweet corn, carrot, etc. to make Pasta as per your need.

Açai Bowl

Acai Bowl is Brazilian dish loaded with berries like acai, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, etc. You can add more fruits and nuts as per your need. It is quick recipe with great health benefits.

Dal Khichdi

When you can't think of anything to cook, Dal Khichdi is your backup option. It is easy and healthy. You can make Dal Khichdi with the ingredients you have at home, no need to rush to Grocery store to buy fancy ingredients for the recipe. But, Garlic and Ghee are two important ingredients required for this recipe. Once it is made, enjoy it with pickle or curd or papad.

Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza is very quick dish. If you are feeling lazy to cook and don't want to go out for food, this is the right recipe for you. It looks delicious and yummy. I have used Italian bread for this recipe, but you can use any bread like whole wheat, white or hot dog breads, etc.