I've been vegetarian for 20 years and strictly vegan since 2010. It has been a creative challenge to satisfy my egg and cheese lovers, but animal products are no longer missed. My daughers who are 10 and 13 love to help in the kitchen. They are more likely to try new foods when they have input on the menu and when they help make it. Lately, so many people have been telling me how beautiful and sparkly my eyes are (even my optometrist!), and my kids ask why everyone says that... I tell them it's because I eat so much kale, and now they chow down on it too!

My best friend lives 6 time zones away from me, but I feel like I can visit her kitchen virtually by checking her AR Recipe Box.... such a fun way to keep in touch!

Apple Smiles

A goofy snack for you or your little ones. These apples look like wax teeth! Many of the ingredients can be substituted for allergies or preference. Great snack for Halloween or April Fool's Day!

Squash & Ginger Hot and Sour Soup

Just what the doctor orders when you have a head cold!

Santa Barbara Lime Chiffon Pie

A light and refreshing lime pie, a perfect dessert after a heavy meal or BBQ. Contains raw egg whites.

Spanish Quinoa

Rating: 4.5 stars 220
A delicious and higher protein alternative to Spanish rice. This is a nice side dish to a Mexican meal, or it can be used as a filling in burritos. I like my food on the less-salty side, so you may have to adjust the seasonings to your taste.