Tammy M Curry

Hi! I'm a NW girl, married to a Southern boy, with a midwest child. LOL!
We are military and move around quite a bit. Through our adventures, though, we have been able to learn many different styles of cooking. It has been fun to learn lots of new things.
I have come to appreciate cooking and trying new things. My dad was a chef, but I didn't take an interest as a child and wish now that I had learned more while he was alive.

Polish Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Rating: 4.5 stars 224
Delicious, warm, wake up and smell the "coffee cake". I love this recipe, although it is a bit time consuming.

Rich Turkey Gravy

This is super easy, but tastes wonderful!

Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

Yummy, Moist, Pumpkin/Oatmeal cookies with a hint of chocolate. I received this recipe from my son's teacher. She brought some from the class during a field trip and they were fantastic. Enjoy!

Virginia Clise Breadd

Rating: 4.5 stars 24
These are by far the best rolls I've ever had! My neighbor's mom makes these and passed the recipe along. They are scrumptious!