Grew up in the midwest, lived in nyc for awhile and now in Italy. I love cooking but especially baking. Living in a different country has given me the chance to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zones, not always being able to get the groceries I want or understand exactly what I'm buying.

Filini with Spinach in Tomato Sauce

Lately I'm obsessed with Filini. It's like angel hair pasta cut into tiny one cm lengths. So Angel Hair meets Orzo. It's not a fancy recipe by any means, but when you're cooking for yourself, it's nice to have something fast, easy, no fuss or mess and delicious. i.e. lazy healthy cooking for one (Yes I said pasta issss healthy when using kamut or gluten free, not over cooking it, using olive oil and vegetables while cutting back on salt, sugar, and cheese. And portion control!)

Italy's Answer to Tuna-Helper

It's cold in Milan, home alone and not wanting to leave the house for groceries. Over the phone my boyfriend told me what to cook : ) This recipe initially sounded strange if not a bit gross to me, but I trust him so I tried it. This tuna pasta dish reminded me of Tuna Helper and was so easy and delicious I wanted to share it with you all.

Baked Italian Chicken Breast with Brie

Rating: 4.5 stars 15
Relatively simple baked boneless chicken breast with Italian flavorings topped with melted brie... aka suuuuper yummy, good for a romantic dinner-you can skip the garlic ;) or to impress family and friends.