My husband is really the chef in our late twenties/early thirties household where it is just the two of us (and our two pets). He is a great cook and loves to so I guess that gave me an excuse not to. After a couple of years with more time for enjoying being at home, I have discovered how much I enjoy cooking also. Now, I'm more than the "greatest sous chef" (according to DH). We really have a lot of fun cooking together and preparing meals for our friends and family. Our interest has become even more expansive since he is unable to tolerate gluten. We have someone over for dinner at least once a week, but most often two to three times a week. It's been a challenge adjusting almost 'everything' to be gluten free, but it's also been very rewarding too. I am southern born so I love southern foods and desserts, however, if you were to ask me my favorite food it would definitely be Mexican!