Collection by Mark Stroginis

Easy Vodka Sauce

Rating: 4.5 stars 777
Easy vodka sauce from just 5 ingredients. Rich, creamy, and full of flavor!

Southern Sweet Ham Glaze

Rating: 5 stars 33
Perfect for Sunday dinner or Easter feast. No one leaves ham on their plates or room for more with this easy glaze. I've caught my wife eating just the drippings it is so good.

Chef John's Tomato Sauce

Rating: 5 stars 296
This is one of my most requested food wishes, my all-purpose basic tomato sauce. Whenever I make a meat sauce, this is my base. You can only stir this with a wooden spoon, otherwise it's bad luck.

Spiced Orange Cranberry Sauce

Rating: 5 stars 158
This recipe was graciously shared with me by a Jamaican friend, many years ago. It makes a delicious sauce, different from any other cranberry sauce I've ever tasted or made. It does not "gel" but you do want to cook it long enough to make a good, thick consistency. You can use 1 tablespoon of excellent quality ground cinnamon instead of the cinnamon stick, if you prefer.