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Karyn Osborne

I am a marine corp brat. Born in California, lived there 14 years off and on, moved to the east coast, North Carolina for another 11 years and now living in Texas for 21 years. I am a professional working mom (of 3)& grandmother (of 8). I have been cooking since I was fourteen or so about 33 years. I have had to change some of the ways I cook as I had a heart attack and a quadruple bypass 7 months ago. I am always trying to find new ways to cook chicken, fish and very lean beef. I fry very rarely, if at all. We love TexMex food and good ole' southern cooking, But I am always willing to try other cusines. I have had to change the way I cook for the most part, more sautes, grilling, baking or roasting, slow cooker, etc.