I currently grow most of our veggies in the basement, and cook almost every day. I enjoy trying new recipes, and often enhance them per my experience. I often create my own recipes after researching to get ideas. I like to write, raise most of our veggies, completed my AS degree at 65, enjoy cooking specialty dishes and baking bread. I have done extensive study of cooking and eating healthy. A few years ago, I started researching healthy eating for my parrots, and it has since changed focus to the diet of my family. At this point, I make all of our bread using fresh milled flour that I make. We eat primarily pastures fed meats and eggs, and I make many of our condiments. We also avoid GMO foods and ingredients as much as possible. When my 93 year old mother has moved in with us, we eliminated the 10 medications she was on, and her physical and mental condition has improved considerably. I totally believe that we are what we eat. What is really best for us is a constant learning experience. I lost my mother January, 2021 to aspiration pneumonia caused by dementia, but she lived, and was healthy, until almost 101 years of age.


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