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My passion is cooking and creating food! If cooking were a sport, I'd be an Olympic Athlete! I have named Williams-Sonoma; "The Mother Ship!" I love to browse all kitchen stores! You can never have too many kitchen appliances and kitchen gadgets for serious cooks! My Dream Job would be as a Cook - with me in charge of what everyone is going to eat.

The food I make doesn't need to be anything fancy! It needs to taste great and I try to cook moderately healthy and sneak veggies into whatever I can! I cook in "VATS" as I have a constant stream of "Man-Boys" at my house eating! I am lucky enough to have married my Prince (19 years) and have three sons who keep me on my toes!

The end of 2011 has brought me the honor of being chosen as an Allrecipes Allstar! Bring on 2012 - I'm excited!


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