World Traveling (over 42 Countries . . . and counting!) U.S. Army Officer.

The 1st thing I do in a new country is head for the market and then find a SMALL, CROWDED restaurant - I want "Mom's" Cooking . . . we can do the pretentious, "5-Star, "Cork Sniffing" stuff later. (This approach has proved to be "interesting" on a few occasions!)

Kentucky Bourbon Marinade

Straight Kentucky Sour Mash Bourbon Marinade for Grilled Beef, Chicken, and Pork.

Swedish Meatballs (Better than IKEA's!)

If you like IKEA meatballs, be prepared: these are way better. Flavored with nutmeg and cardamom, these little beef-and-pork meatballs are best served with a rich meat gravy spiked with sour cream and a little lingonberry jelly. You can serve the jelly on the side if you want, but it tastes great mixed right into the sauce, which is what we've done here.

Grandma Dixon's Icing for Fudge Cake

Icing for Grandma Dixon's Fudge Cake

Grandma Dixon's Fudge Cake

A "from scrach" chocolate cake that is second to none! The Icing is a seperate Recipe: Grandma Dixon's Fudge Cake Icing