Patty Cakes

I'm Quickly sliding toward my 50's. I have a loving husband that I have been with for 22 years and counting! We have 3 wonderful children and are semi empty nesters. I am Enjoying this time of my life! We have 2 dogs. I am a lunch lady at a high school 3 blocks from my driveway.

Purple & Gold Mashed Spuds

Purple mashed potatoes?? Yes! These are such an unusual treat, who can resist trying them?

Slow Cooked Korean Tacos

Korea meets Mexico! And they are Friends when nestled in a tortilla!

Funfetti Rice

Rating: 4.5 stars 13
Dress up plain white rice, quick n simple:)

Alba Spicy Beef Roll

The love of my life, was in the Army 6 years, he eats FAST! Not with this dish, his eyes rolled into he back of his head! Took him 3 X's as long to eat, he told me he was Savoring the meal and he hadn't even touched the coleslaw yet! I WISH Every cook This feeling:):)

Mom's Mexican Dip

Green enchiladas turned on its ear:)

Rosie's Avocado & Cheek Taco Salad

These taco salads are Delicioso! !

Grandma Ana's Mashed Potatoes

This is the Only way my Familia likes mashed potatoes, sometimes I can get away with adding roasted garlic and sour cream-chives to them, but NEVER at Thanksgiving!! We like them chunky so I don't mash too much.Do Not cheat and use a processor or mixer, these make the pot's gummy, as well as cold milk, hence heating it up. I know it's a Lot of pepper, you have to be able to See it! That's the point! I didn't learn how to make mashed pot's till I married Carlos, from his Mom, I always thought they came from a box, Nope!! Enjoy!!

Patty's Rant Reliever

This drink came together while walking through the market and then solidified while I Ranted on THE BUZZ. Perfect drink when dealing with the Crazy holidays:)