So Fancy

Collection by Chef John

Cream Puff "Crack Buns" (Choux au Craquelin)

Rating: 5 stars 32
Inspired by Chef John's favorite British baking show, these choux pastry buns are capped with a crackly, crunchy crust layer and feature a dark chocolate base.

Peruvian Potato-Chicken Salad (Causa Rellena)

Rating: 5 stars 6
There's nothing very unusual about serving a chicken or potato salad at a cookout, which is why this layered Peruvian potato and chicken salad will cause such a stir. Or should I say, "causa" a stir, since in Peru that's what this gorgeous dish is called. Infused with ají amarillo, lime juice, and cilantro, these are perfect for making ahead and packing in your cooler on a hot summer day.

Italian Crema Ice Cream (Gelato alla Crema)

Rating: 4.5 stars 6
Answering the question 'What would vanilla ice cream taste like without any vanilla?', Italian 'crema' ice cream is exceptionally delicious not because of what's in it, but rather what isn't. Ironically, it might be the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had. Without any other flavors in the way, all you taste is the sweet goodness of milk and cream, which I think is a revelation.

Dry-Aged Prime Rib

Rating: 5 stars 3
If you're thinking about dry-aging your own prime rib of beef for the holidays, start here. After lots of research, I decided I'd have to age the beef at least 30 days for any noticeable change in flavor; it ended up going for 42 days before baking. The meat came out extremely juicy and tender but somehow never developed that funky fermented flavor I wanted. It might've tasted a bit more concentrated, though, after having lost 2 pounds of water weight.

Russian Honey Cake

Rating: 5 stars 53
Chef John's version of Russian honey cake where "burnt" honey is the star.

Lamb Scallopini with Pepper and Onion Agrodolce

Rating: 5 stars 3
Every year around Easter we normally do some kind of roast lamb recipe, like a big ol' leg of lamb, which is perfect for a large family gathering, but I have a feeling this year's gonna be a little bit different--so we're gonna go with nice, thin medallions. Unlike those large, more expensive cuts of meat, this is super easy to achieve perfect doneness, which means less anxiety and stress. Serve with crispy pan-fried potatoes.

Butterscotch Budino

Rating: 4.5 stars 15
Rich and luxurious, Chef John's budino is your new favorite dessert.

Frozen Zabaglione

Rating: 4.5 stars 3
If you like regular zabaglione, you're going to absolutely love the frozen version. Above and beyond the flavor, you're going to see what might be the best way to make ice cream without an ice cream maker. Quite often, frozen desserts that aren't made with a machine can have a weird, icy, crystallized texture, but not here. This stuff is incredibly smooth and creamy. Serve with fresh fruit.

Chocolate Puddino

Rating: 4.5 stars 31
Chef John's rich and delicious chocolate pudding delivers an intense chocolate flavor with just the right amount of sweetness in every smooth, silky bite

Lemon Blueberry Pavlova

Rating: 5 stars 9
My favorite way to enjoy lemon meringue is with pavlova. The meringue base cools and dries out slowly, creating a crispy, crunchy crust on the outside which contrasts beautifully with a soft, sticky center. Topped with an intense lemon curd filling, fresh blueberries, and a homemade blueberry sauce, this dessert takes a little bit of time to make but is also simple and easy to pull off!

Strawberry Dream

Rating: 5 stars 16
The idea for this dessert didn't come to me in a dream. I was trying to think of a better name for a Strawberry Posset (which is what this actually is), but since very few people know what that is, I am calling it a Strawberry Dream. I think you'll agree that the name is totally appropriate. The boiled strawberry-infused cream and sugar filling firms up into a pudding-like texture, that when sandwiched between strawberry puree and macerated strawberries, tastes like a dream! Even though the portions are a bit small, the taste is rich and a little goes a long way.

Coffee Granita

Rating: 5 stars 1
Chef John's coffee granita is perfect for hot summer days.