Dan Zahra

You only get one ride. Make it wild! I grew up in a small mountain town in California with a population of 1100 people where there wasn't much to do. Playing/writing music, riding dirt bikes & eating great food were always a good time. :) My brother & our Maltese Grandmother were a huge influence in my world of cooking in my younger years because they made some amazing dishes from scratch. Grandma was a kitchen magician. Later I worked as line cook in several restaurants and loved every minute of it. It was very satisfying but didn't pay the bills well, so I moved on. Always fueled by the desire to create amazing meals my path lead me to become a food photographer, food writer for Magazines and News Papers. Still playing music on the weekends with my country band and being an IT guy by day leaves me with little time to pursue my passion for cooking until recently. I have been back behind the fire and can't wait to share with you all the recipes I have been cranking out for the last 20 years+. I hope you enjoy them.