Well, it's official, now a half century old-hoping that some day (when I grow up, Lord willing) I'll be able to cook as well as my grandmas did! Am blessed with a great hubby who is very supportive of my cooking experiments, and is quite creative in the kitchen as well when he’s up to it. Also blessed with 4 lovely daughters, (2 in the nest, 2 out) each with distinct culinary gifts of their own. While mealtime in our home is about anticipating good tasting sustenance, it’s much more about enjoying the antics of the family! Dinner time is our favorite time, when we can share in each other's day and be a family.

In years past I used to spend hours creating in the kitchen when children were small. Now, being a working, home-schooling mom there’s not nearly as much time as I’d like. I love this website, I’m re-inspired to get back in the game! Also love quilting, rubber stamping & miniatures. I love the Lord and am very thankful for all He has done for me. decafinnw atyahoodotcom