22 years ago when I married my husband, I could not cook, so he says and I sort of agreed. I got adventurous and started experimenting with new & different recipes. I found that I Love being in the kitchen, it is almost theraputic to me. We enjoy trying new recipes and foods. We feel food brings people together. My MS may inhibit me from some things, but it will never get in the way of my kithcen and experimentation.

Carrots Lyonnaise

Carrots are a staple vegetable in my house and I'm always looking for a new way to serve them. This is one of my family's favorite carrot recipes and has been in my meal rotation for over 25 years.

Don's Killer Baked Beans

A close family friend of ours always said baked beans are OK, but they need something more. Something to make you want to go back for seconds. After many attempts, he came up with this recipe. They have become a staple at every function we go to because they are always a crowd pleaser. These beans make a great side or even a full meal. Everytime I tell my family these beans are on the menu, any plans are cancelled to come for dinner.