Chris Simpler

Potato Dumplings

This recipe comes from my Grandmother's handwritten notes, so some nuances may be missing. I haven't made it in many years, but remember it to be a family favorite and something people still (25 years later) bring up all the time. Enjoy!


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I found two slightly different hand written versions of this, my Grandmother's recipe. Born in Nekkar am Rhein in the 1904, she naturally learned to cook traditional German meals as a young woman and didn't rely on a cookbook. I try to capture the nuance in this and attached photos of her notes, in case it helps.

Britt's Chocolate Pudding Pecan Dessert

For 40 years, it's been the "No Name" dessert, but I have too many fond memories of my mom making this to not give her credit. The crust really makes this dish, and the layered look presents well in glass. Oh, and adding sugar to the whipped cream isn't advised, as it gets very sweet very fast!

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

A light and enjoyable version of pumpkin pie even for those who usually find the texture and flavor of pumpkin to be too intense.

Albuquerque Rum Balls

With everyone and their brother making super fancy truffles and gourmet desserts, I think it's nice to have an option that people go crazy for without having to outdo the crowd. Go easy on the rum, although if you don't, you won't notice after the first two rum balls!

Eggs Goldenrod

A Simpler Family tradition on Easter morning for many years. Probably because it was a great way to get rid of the two dozen hard boiled eggs we had! I suppose real gourmets would balk at the colored dye making its way into the dish, but I miss it a bit when I use boring old un-dyed eggs.

Sausage Egg Strata

Good breakfast for a group, especially if people are eating at different times. Best if it sets overnight. Another Betty Simpler 1950's specialty!

Betty Simpler's Seafood Casserole

Butter, flour, cheese, canned seafood? It's a 1950's delicacy!


This is my recipe, culled from a few sources, both magazines and people. I hope you find that it's a good compromise of custom and ease in preparation.