Carrie C.

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It's all about the food Mom never had me in the kitchen as a kid. It was not until after I got married and we were out on our own that I really started to explore cooking from recipes. It took me a long time to feel like I mastered any one dish. I went through plenty of recipes and a lot of nights where we ate out.
I stumbled upon AR while surfing the web for dinner inspiration. I have been hooked ever since. I remember one summer, I never made the same thing twice. My husband loved it. The only down side was I didn't keep track of the successes and he never got it again! lol
I love hearing how great my cooking is. My kids are my best complimenters. They have really become food snobs.
I love talking to people about cooking and food! I have turned many non-cooks into cooks. My closest friend, for the longest time thought that baking a plain chicken breast was gourmet at its finest. I subscribed her to Taste of Home and introduced her to Allrecipes and now she cooks up a storm and its actually edible!

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