Love to cook I am a retired Music Therapist and mother of a San Francisco Chef. I am also an avid quilter and love making quilts for friends and those who ask me to create one for them. I also try to keep my friends spirits up if they are still working.

Day Before Payday Top Ramen

Yes, we all survived on this through college, but now that some of us have worked our fingers off at jobs to pay off college loans and please bosses AND earn a retirement of sorts AND are retired indeed, while we wait for the retirement checks (well-earned I may say) to arrive, here is a quick, cheap and easy dish. Enjoy

Amy Vanderbilts Apple Pie done one better

This is from an old Amy Vanderbilt cookbook I found at a church sale. My tweak is to use the Earl Grey tea. My friends rave about my apple pie but all I do is follow the recipe. Hope you enjoy!

Family French Canadian Baked Beans

Old family recipe, easy and delicious, just takes time - but anything great does! Our father was famous for this and all my siblings always talk about it.

Breakfast Rice from Japan

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Healthy and quick breakfast I learned from friends in Tokyo. Use chilled white or brown rice. Adjust ingredients for your hunger needs and enjoy!

Randy's Amazing Avacado Dip

This is an amazing and delicious Avacado dip. Randy, a Nurse I work with, gave me his original recipe and said I could share it. It makes alot so you might cut in half but not the avacados.

LaLande French Canadian Baked Beans

This is an old family recipe learned from my French-Canadian father. It results in creamy and tasty baked beans.

Green and Red Bean Salad

This is old family recipe I have updated for us modern Foodies. Healthy and easy.

Delicious easy corn on the cob

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I learned this from a shopper in Stockbridge, Massachusetts when I was young.

Scarsdale Eggs

This is my favorite breakfast recipe for family or visiting friends. Found from a friend many years ago in Scarsdale - probably the only thing she knew how to make. but I thank her.