AJ's Bison Helper

Was trying to come up with an easy meal alternative to just plain ol' Hamburger Helper without actually using packaged "Hamburger Helper". So, I came up with "Bison Helper"

Slow Cooked Cranberry Pork Chops

This is another of those wonderful recipes that you can prepare the night before in a crock pot liner bag, put in the fridge over night and then just pop the crock pot liner bag in the slow cooker and turn it on, while you're doing breakfasts, making lunches and all that other crazy stuff in the morning! These slow cooker linersmake both meal prep and clean up a breeze! Once you've tried them, you'll not be without them.


This dish is usually prepared with fettuccini. Then garlic gives this meal a toasted nut flavor and an aroma that fills your kitchen where everyone who enters knows you make something wonderful for that evenings meal. Most Italians made this for dinner when times were tough and money was limited. It is easy and inexpensive to make and a very filling dinner served with a salad and Italian bread on the side