Italian, Chef, and Restaurant Owner. I'm an Italian-American & I come from the cities of Luca & Tuscany. I'm a chef & restaurant owner that loves to try other peoples recipes & build from them. Some of the best recipes I have come from home cooks!

Quick & Easy Sausage & Chicken Gumbo

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This is a hearty and filling meal that is great anytime! The frozen vegetables speed up the cooking process and you can add additional protein and spices to suit your taste.

Twice Baked Potato Dump Casserole

This will be your new go-to potato casserole for any holiday or potluck. Nothing easier than a "DUMP CASSEROLE." Buy the pre-cooked ingredients or make them homemade, totally your call. Mix & Mash (pun intended - lol) it up, to make it your own.

Smoky Chicken-Potato Cheesy Casserole

This is a dump casserole - like a dump cake. Quick to throw together and it tastes wonderful. The smokiness comes through and really adds a nice dimension to this casserole. A great casserole to make it your own. Add ingredients, change ingredients, delete ingredients - options are unlimited!

Awesome Mushroom Rice Pilaf

A rich beef and mushroom rice pilaf that will be loved by all. This recipe uses beef consume' and butter for the liquid making it simple to prepare and with a beef & mushroom depth of flavor like no other. No matter where I take it, I have to bring copies of the recipe for everyone.

Italian Romesco Sacue

This robust Mediterranean sauce traditionally includes fire-roasted tomatoes. It's also a delicious alternative to cocktail sauce for boiled shrimp.

Tomato Basil Bread Pudding

Looks and smells amazing! Goes great with wine!

Arancini Di Riso Allo Zaffreano (Fried Rice Balls with Saffron)

These scrumptious little bites are not only amazing, but a bit filling if you eat too many. Any time I have leftover rice or risotto - this is my go to.