Gluten-free Dairy Free Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins

The best recipe for blueberry muffins GF/DF!

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Tomato Bisque Soup

The best tomato bisque soup ever!!

Dairy Free Ranch

Best dairy free ranch recipe!

Lemony Cookie Icing Recipe

Lemon helps cut sweetness if you like lemon the icing add more.

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies

This is an old recipe passed down from my family. It’s the best!

Beatty’s Chocolate Cupcakes

Flavor changes with cocoa powder use. First batch I used Dutched cocoa from Pete’s, this makes a very dark Dutch Coco taste. Second batch was half natural cocoa, Giradellhi, and have Peets, still chocolaty but not so intense. Experiment with your favorite premium cocoa powder. Easy recipe moist but light.

Instant pot cabbage and beef soup

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This is a great recipe for cleaning out veggies from your fridge. I put in my recipe things that are always in my fridge but you can easily substitute the veggies add cauliflower, celery, or zucchini etc. Make sure you have at least a 6 quart pressure cooker.