Chicken Parmesan

A classic Italian dish prepared with tomato sauce and mozzarella, with a few additions by Chef John. Sure to impress your friends and family!

Dan's Carb Free Pizza (except the tomato sauce)

I came up with this recipe by combining a couple other recipes while on a low carb diet and craving pizza. When ready to serve be sure to use a spatula to remove because it will not be crunchy like a regular pizza. It can be tough to serve but will taste great as a carb free alternative to regular pizza. Enjoy!

Grandma's Sloppy Joes

Quick and easy to make, and delicious too! These were a family tradition, when we were growing up. My maternal grandmother made them for almost every family gathering. She had to satisfy the picky and varied taste of many grandchildren, nieces and nephews, as well as her own young children. So, to satisfy everyone's taste, her sloppy joe recipe contains no green bell pepper, no onion and no celery. It was, and still is, a hit with all the kids.