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Barengate Bay Chicken

Rating: 4 stars 47
This chicken dish is a favorite that I frequently make while I am on vacation down on Barnegate Bay in New Jersey. It has a wonderful hint of garlic, and has just the right amount of lemon. I love this recipe because, not only is it delicious, but you can use more or less of the ingredients required. It's all up to you! Remember to serve this with white rice because the sauce is just delicious when mixed in with it. Enjoy!

Sorta Salisbury Steak

Rating: 4.5 stars 197
This is a somewhat altered version of the original, thus the name. Everybody loves it! Water may be used in place of beef stock.

Angel Chicken Pasta

Rating: 4.5 stars 4036
Angel hair pasta and chicken in a creamy, Italian-seasoned mushroom sauce.

Braised Balsamic Chicken

Rating: 4.5 stars 4627
This chicken is good with either rice or pasta. Green beans make a nice side dish.
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Sour Cream Pork Chops

Rating: 4.5 stars 1601
These are the most tender and succulent pork chops you've ever had. My fiance absolutely loves them! Serve over noodles or rice.

Grilled Chicken Thighs Tandoori

Rating: 4.5 stars 356
Moist, luscious, and delicious. Just the right blend of spices make this chicken dish one of my most-requested. Great hot or cold. If using thighs with skin, you can put over direct medium heat for the last few minutes to crisp skin.
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BBQ Chuck Roast

Rating: 4.5 stars 131
This is a cheap but very tasty roast dinner. Cook this on a barbeque spit.

Pork Chops 'n' Pierogies

Rating: 4.5 stars 100
'This meal-n-one dish is a different way to use pierogies,' says Greta Igl of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.
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Easy Garlic-Lemon Scallops

Rating: 4.5 stars 637
Scallops are sautéed with garlic and topped with lemon-butter sauce.

Zucchini Stuffed Chicken

Rating: 4.5 stars 38
My sister gave me this recipe. My family really likes it. I freeze shredded zucchini for the winter. Just thaw and drain the liquid off before using.

Summer Style Chicken

Rating: 4 stars 108
A chicken dish that is easy and tastes absolutely delicious! A unique way to use summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and cheese!!

Awesome Eggplant Rollatine

Rating: 4.5 stars 159
This is one of my favorite recipes. Thin sliced eggplant is stuffed with cheese and spinach and topped with marinara sauce. I often use prepared jarred sauce to cut the cook time.