I grew up on a pig farm in Central Pennsylvania - lots of fresh veggies, fruit, nuts - and of course pork! Our neighbors had a dairy farm, so several times a week my sisters and I would take turns walking through the fields to their barn with a 2 gallon Tupperware jug for fresh milk. Our parents would also work out 'meat trades' - we'd have a hog butchered and give them half and they would return the favor with one of their steers.
I grew up helping my mother pickle, can and freeze - we even dabbled in making our own cheese and butter.

Anyway, I'm a married mother of 2 now who lives in suburban Florida. I've really needed to learn how to shop (no root cellar full of preserves) and adjust how I cook. Luckily my husband is a Florida boy who went to culinary school. He doesn't cook, but gives me tips! And gardening in Florida is quite a challenge. Sweet potatoes are the only thing that seems to thrive here.
Baking is the one thing in the kitchen that hasn't changed!

Mamma MacLeod's Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast (SOS)

My mother-in-law's recipe for SOS which she passed on to me. I've eaten a lot of Creamed Chipped Beef in my time, and this is the hands-down best. It makes 3 generous servings or 4 regular servings.

Home-wrecker Deviled Eggs

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If that's true, these Deviled Eggs are the magical food! I've received more offers of marriage than I can count after friends and neighbors have eaten these eggs. Don't tell them about the secret ingredient until after they've gone into raptures.

Sand Tarts

It's just not Christmas without these cookies. It's a perfect recipe if you have little helpers who like to decorate cookies! My friends insist I have to bring these to my cookie exchange every year.