I grew up on a pig farm in Central Pennsylvania - lots of fresh veggies, fruit, nuts - and of course pork! Our neighbors had a dairy farm, so several times a week my sisters and I would take turns walking through the fields to their barn with a 2 gallon Tupperware jug for fresh milk. Our parents would also work out 'meat trades' - we'd have a hog butchered and give them half and they would return the favor with one of their steers.
I grew up helping my mother pickle, can and freeze - we even dabbled in making our own cheese and butter.

Anyway, I'm a married mother of 2 now who lives in suburban Florida. I've really needed to learn how to shop (no root cellar full of preserves) and adjust how I cook. Luckily my husband is a Florida boy who went to culinary school. He doesn't cook, but gives me tips! And gardening in Florida is quite a challenge. Sweet potatoes are the only thing that seems to thrive here.
Baking is the one thing in the kitchen that hasn't changed!


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