My husband and I have three girls and I am a consultant so I am frequently on the road. I have learned that I really enjoy cooking when I am home. Because we live in a small rural town and have busy schedules, I have learned the importance of two things: menu planning and meal preparation. I plan a menu for the week and then spend a few hours on Sunday getting ingredients together so my family can quickly prepare meals if I am not home. I also believe it is important to expose my family to as many new cultural experiences as possible. Cooking and eating is definitely an easy way to learn about different cultures. It makes me happy when they request a thai dish or Indian or Vietnamese rather than chicken tenders! Allrecipes has made it so much easier to access new recipes and plan out menus.

Carrabbas Chicken Bryan

My girls order Chicken Bryan whenever we go to Carrabba's so decided to search for a copycat recipe. It's simple, delicious and always great service.

Super Easy Shepherds Pie

My husband requests this every week when I am doing menu planning! Easy and a great use for leftover mashed potatoes.