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Grilled Chicken and Pasta Salad

Rating: 4.5 stars 113
This salad is very filling and is used as a meal in my home. Everyone always loves it! It is also quick and easy. Note: I have also added olives, hard boiled eggs, and red bell pepper to this salad. Enjoy with your favorite dressing!

Chicken Enchilada Pasta

Rating: 4.5 stars 45
I thought this chicken enchilada pasta dish would make a delicious alternative from our usual enchiladas or tacos and I was right. We love this! The sauce is so flavorful. It also makes some fabulous leftovers. Run, don't walk, to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for this yumminess as soon as you can. Top with avocado, green onion, black olives, tomatoes, and sour cream.

Skillet Chicken Pasta

Rating: 4.5 stars 43
This is a tasteful combination of vegetables, chicken, and pasta prepared in a cast iron skillet. My family eats tons of this stuff.

Easy Chicken Pasta

Rating: 4 stars 17
This is so easy and delicious. Serve warm with a tossed salad and Italian bread.

Healthy Creamy Chicken and Pasta

Rating: 4 stars 33
Being on a diet, the words creamy and pasta usually are reserved for only my cheat days. I wanted to make something and not feel guilty about eating it, so I whipped this up in the kitchen. It's delicious and very adaptable; change it up however you like! Has a nice little bite with the red pepper flakes added. This would also be fantastic with onion added.

Creamy Chicken Pasta

Rating: 4 stars 85
Great with a fresh green salad! This was a recipe I just threw together one night. It was an instant favorite!

Laura's Unbelievable Chicken and Pasta

Rating: 4 stars 473
This is a dream for families...Kids love it and so do adults. My family literally begs me for this!

Angel Hair Pasta with Lemon and Chicken (Lighter)

Rating: 4.5 stars 41
This angel hair pasta with chicken is a quick and easy recipe with a fresh flavor burst of lemon to perfectly accent the dish. Serve with a generous topping of Parmesan cheese and a tossed green salad.
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Lemon Butter Herb Pasta

Rating: 4.5 stars 77
A quick, delicious, and light-tasting sauce with a zesty lemon flavor.

College Student's Gourmet Pasta

Rating: 4 stars 54
This recipe was a frequent favorite when I was in college, because it is made with ingredients most students have in their kitchens. I have made this with low fat ingredients, and it works very well. Since I have gotten older, I have added chicken and shrimp to the recipe; it is very adaptable. Easy, tastes wonderful, but not very easy on the waistline.

Chef John's French Fries

Rating: 5 stars 241
These easy, twice-fried French fries are soft inside and crispy outside.