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Jalapeño Jelly

Rating: 4.5 stars 234
Jalapeño jelly recipe from Canada that's super easy to make and so tasty!

Red and Green Christmas Jalapeno Jelly

Rating: 5 stars 339
This is a beautiful jelly of red bell peppers and green jalapenos. It's a perfect relish to many holiday favorites, or serve it with cream cheese on a cracker.

Apple Butter VI

Rating: 4.5 stars 13
This is a tasty recipe that I got from my mom. As a child, I used to eat it on hot buttered toast. It's so easy to make, and it tastes great!

Candy Apple Jelly

Rating: 5 stars 99
With a hint of apple and cinnamon, this jelly spreads cheer from breads to bagels to muffins. Its rosy pink color looks lovely blushing through the food jars I save and decorate with fabric-covered lids.
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Rosy Cider Jelly

Rating: 5 stars 6
For an easy-to-prepare present, try this jelly made with cider and cranberry juice. I got the recipe, now a family favorite, from our local county Extension office.
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Tomato Soup II

Rating: 4.5 stars 14
This recipe has been in my family for years, the tomato soup is great, plus it can double as juice, so you can use it in many dishes all winter. Serve it as is, freeze it or can it!