Dean Swiatek

I make food so I have something to go with hot sauce :)

Code Red Savina Chili

Amazingly delicious hot chili that is hot enough to arguably classified as hot sauce! Not only is it awesomely hot, but the flavor of the habanero peppers comes out really strong.

Spanish Rice

My personal Spanish rice variant. Add your favorite hot sauce -- Heartbreaking Dawns 1542 Chocolate Habanero sauce, Blair's Pure Death, Melinda's XXXtra Hot Habanero or Red Savina sauce are pretty much made for this recipe.

Quick Spicy Chicken

This is a quick, easy and healthy chicken recipe. Goes well with Spanish Rice and your favorite hot sauce (I will post my Brown Basmati Spanish Rice Recipe in the near future).

Masa Harina Encrusted Chicken Thighs

My personal variation of a recipe my father has made for years