When I got married and came to the realization that the knowledge that I had in the kitchen wasn't going to be enough for the both of us to eat "good" food. Hamburger Helper and Raman noodles were a favorite of mine and I stocked up when they went on sale (in college of course). My parents rarely cooked, we lived on dining out, but my grandma could make a meal. I remember being in college and being so excited for the holidays so that we could go over to my grandparent's house for a home cooked meal. Finally after realizing that I didn't have the background to do it on my own....I searched on the internet. I found this site and I am. I now am expiramenting with different things on my own (something I wouldn't have dared to do before). My husband has been telling me that his co-workers are jealous and ask him every day..."What's the wife cooking for dinner?" I think I do ok now. I like being in the kitchen and finding new things to make.