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I grew up in the South with 3 amazing women as my teachers. Both my Grandmothers and my Mom taught me to cook mostly Southern cuisine. My Grandparents had a huge garden and I grew up eating fresh fruits & vegetables. I don't think I had a canned vegetable or a store bought cookie until I was 10 years old! This appreciation for fresh food has followed me through out my life. Since moving to California, I've really enjoyed the abundance of fresh food and love going to the local farmers market every Sunday.

I love cooking for my husband but since I work full time, I'm always looking for recipes that are quick and easy or that I can make ahead of time.

I absolutely love food and enjoy trying new things. I typically make a recipe as stated first then play with it if I think it has potential. One of my pet peeves is when people post reviews on a recipe that instead of giving one or two adjustments, basically create a totally different recipe. So annoying!


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