Garbanzo Bean Chocolate Cake (Gluten Free!)
Rating: Unrated
kmarwaha's rating

This cake is the most delicious and decedent chocolate cake I have ever tasted! For all those reviewers who are giving this recipe 1/5 stars, you must NOT be following the recipe correctly. It actually upsets me reading the negative reviews. How is possible to be biting into a bean? You are supposed to be blending the beans into a smooth mixture via a food processor! How is it dry? The recipe calls for 4 eggs! Grainy? Again, mix via food processor to a smooth consistency and wash the beans thoroughly beforehand. Not sweet enough or chocolately enough? Are you using the correct measuring spoons?! Anyone who follows this recipe to the exact T should be successful in making a delicious cake. If you have a good quality food processor, a non stick baking pan, and you know how to read and follow instructions, this cake will turn out fantastic. Good luck!