Growing up in a military family, when I was younger, we literally traveled the world. Guam, the Philipines, Thailand, Germany...I've seen alot. And it has also opened my eyes to so may types of food and styles of cooking!! I love trying new things, and rarely shy away from the unusual. Also, with my mom being born and raised in Louisiana/Southern Texas, that brings even more flavor to the table!! My boyfriend, who's honduran american, born and raised in Louisiana, says he loves the southern cooking passed down to me from my mom, along with the authentic latin dishes I've prepared for him.

I have a close friend from Laos, and she always tells her family that she loves the way I'll try anything she puts in front of me, and that none of her american friends are that adventurous. (some of the things are a little wierd!!)

I love All definately is my #1 go to site when I'm looking for something new.