I am a 53 year old "housewife" with 4 grandchildren that are the joys of my life!!! They all love to stand on a stool and help Nana in the kitchen. I come from a long line of old country cooks and love to cook from scratch. I didn't realize until I was married a few years that you could buy egg noodles in the store. I made that mistake once and my family has never let me forget it! LOL My dream is to move back to the small town in Nebraska my family helped homestead 100 years ago and carry on the tradition of cooking for others. Great Great Grandma was hired to cook for the president whenever he was in the state!! My grandmother was a restaurateur and I would love to follow in her footsteps one day. We just built our home and it was basically a kitchen with a home built around it!! Lol. I finall have my dream kitchen. I love animals (live in a small zoo), crafts, computers, gardening, movies, and of course cooking!!