I am a mama, wife, veteran, and student. My husband is in the Army, so he's gone more than I would like him to be. I have a little boy, who I think is brilliant and hilarious, but we are starting to hit the terrible twos so I may change my mind. I'm slowly working on getting my degree in Library Science so that I can be a Children's Librarian when I "grow up". My husband is a pretty picky eater, so in addition to introducing a variety of foods to our toddler, I'm introducing them to hubby as well.

Five Bean Chili

My Dad always made a version of this chunky, zesty chili when I was little, so after I left home I did my best to recreate it. You should adjust the spices and seasonings to your liking, and let it simmer for as long as possible. The longer the flavors have to blend together, the better it tastes.

Marinated Chicken Parmesan

This is a quick and easy baked chicken parmesan dish. The twist is to marinate the chicken overnight in Italian salad dressing. It's great served with spaghetti, and green vegetables.

Sam's Spinach Burritos

My little brother came home from school several years ago asking us to make this recipe. We were all shocked because it was such a struggle to get the boy to eat any fruits or veggies. Besides the fact that its a tasty way to eat your spinach, it's fast and easy.