I come from an almost cooking-free background; both my grandmothers don't cook or bake, my mom was single and working when I was school-age. However, she did her best to introduce me to kitchen skills, involving me as much as possible whenever she did have the time to cook.
My husband, on the contrary, comes from a solid family with strong cooking traditions, so eventually I found myself trying hard to qualify for a cooking wife. A stubborn, self-sufficient and er... creative (didn't find a word with an 's') person that I am, I was reluctant to wholly adopt my in-laws' cooking style, but kept trying to come up with my own recipes and traditions. So I ended up with a bunch of my own favs, and am still working to expand the list, which brougt me here.
That involves a lot of research, since Russia has seen way too many drastic changes for one century; many authentic cooking traditions have been lost and / or replaced with soviet-time innovations.