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Spicy Cabbage Kimchi

Rating: 4 stars 95
Kimchi, a popular Korean dish, is best described as a spicy, slightly sweet, pickled or fermented cabbage. I spent a year in South Korea and fell in LOVE with Kimchi! My friend Myong was kind enough to share her recipe and technique with me. Some ingredients may not be readily available in your local supermarket. Look for Kimchi (Fish) Sauce and Korean chili powder in Asian markets or online. Use kimchi in stir fries or your favorite Korean dishes.

Bibimbap (Korean Rice With Mixed Vegetables)

Rating: 4.5 stars 80
Korean rice bowl with vegetables, chili, and beef, topped with a fried egg.

Korean Fried Chicken

Rating: 4.5 stars 144
Marinated boneless chicken thighs dipped in batter, then fried until crisp.

Kimchi Fried Rice (Kimchi Bokkeumbap)

Rating: 4.5 stars 28
Tired of the same ol' fried rice? Well, this will add a kick to any of your favorite fried rice recipe by adding kimchi. If you love kimchi, you will surely love this recipe. You can substitute butter for the canola oil and any meat (chicken, ham, pork, or spam) for the ground beef.

Kimchi Jun (Kimchi Patty)

Rating: 5 stars 5
This is fantastic way to use up any kimchi you may have sitting in your refrigerator. This is an easy starter for any dinner party.

Kalbi (Korean BBQ Short Ribs): Authentic Recipe

Rating: 4.5 stars 2
After trying many recipes for homemade-style Korean BBQ, I finally found a great recipe from a friend who learned it from his mom. It's sweet, salty, spicy, and very tender (Thanks to the Coke®). I use this same recipe to make Bulgogi and Dae Ji Bool Gogi (Spicy Pork) and simply change the onions to sliced bulbs for the bulgogi.

Mom's Kimchi Egg

Rating: 5 stars 19
Fry kimchi and eggs together and get a dish that transcends breakfast.