I have been asked several times, why my dog is named Porthos. It’s a long story so I will post it here for future inquiries. - Our last dog was a basset hound/black lab mix (very unique). We named her Breezy, from one of my favorite movies. My late father used to tease and called her Windy. - After Breezy passed away, we went to the pound and found a girl who needed a home. She is all basset and has the voice to prove it. For her name, we wanted to honor our dear Breezy but with a name that was right for her. - This time we looked at my husband’s favorite movies. He likes Star Trek and “Man in the Iron Mask”. Iron Mask is about the 3 Musketeers. Musketeers were French and Bassets are French. One of the Musketeers was named Porthos. - In the Star Trek TV show “Enterprise”, the captain’s dog was named Porthos. Here’s the tie-up. The 2 dog actors that played the part, were in real life named ===> Breezy and Windy! Therefore, we ended up honoring both our Breezy and my father!


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