Tom and Jerry Batter
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As a kid, I grew up with a store bought Tom & Jerry batter in the fridge at the holidays. Once we moved away from California as a kid, the Tom and Jerry batter was a thing of holiday memories. I had fond memories of this but never the motivation to make it. This year I mentioned it to my family and they were interested in trying it themselves. With two more folks interested, it was worth my time to make. It IS delicious and how I remember. This is great mixed with just hot water, and I can't wait to put a little whiskey or rum in with it!! I will tell you I used my Kitchen Aide. A whole batch is a bit big for it, so I had to break the recipe into sections. A 1/2 recipe for a Kitchen Aide is ideal. I'll be putting it in ice cube trays to portion it and freeze it since we'll be using it for the next several weeks. Thank you for this recipe - it walked me down holiday memory lane.